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Popular Science Archives

I recently discovered while wandering aimlessly around the interweb that Popular Science archived all of its previous publications and posted them on their website. Editions date back as far as 1872 with full illustrations from the original prints. More recent editions include all of the original articles and advertisements as well. Its pretty damn entertaining if you have some time to kill. All you have to do is search by the month and year you’re interested in. Check it out…educate yourself.

Smoking Cubans on the Reg

So…its the end of week 2 in Afghanistan…initial reports are positive, billeting is good, food is edible and porcelain is not hard to find. The drawbacks are obvious although the monetary compensation is comforting at times. The crazy thing is that NATO has a countless amount of small countries involved in this operation so you’re constantly running into Soldiers, Marines and Airmen from around the world. Strangely enough the American Navy has a strong presence here as well. Another plus is that your tobacco habits don’t cut into your wallet…$1.50 for a pack of name brand cigs if you smoke… $7.50 for a log of skoal or cope and cubans are in abundance. I would like to purchase a portable humador….although getting my hands on one may prove to be difficult.  Anyways…all is good on the eastern front and I imagine if you have to be in Afghanistan you’d want to be in KAF.

Buying A Boat

Yep…so its official…I’m buying a boat once we get back. I put a few bids on a couple boats a few months ago, but nothing bit…so I decided just to wait untill redeployment. Anyways I wanted to post this because I am desperatley in need of a good boat name. I’m fairly disappointed in myself, in that I am completely unable to come up with one myself. So in an effort to make this purchase as truly epic as it deserves to be I’m relying on you to pick a name…we’ve got a year here so the list will eventually be complied into a top 3 after which it will be voted on and chosen.

Here is what I’ve been looking at…take your time.

Indie Rock and Roll for Me…

It seems as though I gave up on this whole blog thing….not so much. Been very busy being as we are leaving this week for Afghanistan, which doesnt leave much time for anything outside of work that may or may not be useful to post. Anyways I hope to keep this thing alive while we are down range and hope that it actually gets better.

So… the orginal reason for this post was to express my unhealthy relationship with a new album. While I was on block leave Michelle and I took a trip to Austin and being the live music capital of the world we naturally sat down at a bar to listen.  The band completely unknown to us at the time is called “What Made Milwaukee Famous”. Imagine if the Walkmen and Deathcab had a love child….and that bastard love child was raised by Spoon….yeah…pretty fucking epic. Front to back its an outstanding album, and was a true pleasure to be introduced to them with a live performance. 

                                                                                            Listen Up

For The Birds

And The Grief Goes On…


Cheap Wine

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Cheap Wine (Live)

The Answer is “Who is Jerry Lewis”

Dolphin Bubbles

Our Aunt Kim discovered this one…